The Easter Story told live in the
heart of Edinburgh

The Edinburgh Easter Play goes online for Easter 2021

We did not stage a production in 2019, and in 2020 and 2021 live productions were postponed due to coronavirus. However, 2021’s play, ’Saturday’ was redeveloped as an audio play and made available online.

Due to Covid restrictions, the actors had to record this play in isolation using multiple devices and different platforms. The finished result is a triumph in these extremely difficult circumstances.

Scenes From The Passion’ is a series of more than 21 short videos which explore characters and moments from the Easter story re-imagined in a contemporary context. Filmed at locations all over Edinburgh, they were released over the weekend of Easter 2021 on

Over 5000 people viewed our videos on YouTube this year, our largest audience ever.

’Saturday’ and ’Scenes From The Passion’ are co-productions of the Princes Street Easter Play Trust and Cutting Edge Theatre.

Plans for Easter 2022 – Appeal for Donations

In 2022, we want to “live stream” our play from the gardens in order to make the production more accessible.

This has increased our budget to £28,320 and our grants and donations, to date, amount to £24,000. We are committed to staging a free production, telling the Easter story each year in the heart of the city. Can you help us?

If you could spare the cost of a coffee or an evening meal, we would be so grateful. (You could call it your “lost supper”.)

If most of the 5,000 viewers donated the cost of a coffee, we would be covered. Would it not be great to have 5,000 “feed” our production?

Please click the link to donate through our Stewardship account where you can make a one off donation or become one of our regular supporters.

Thank you.