The Easter Story told live in the
heart of Edinburgh

Photo Credit @Jonathan Borba/ Unsplash


We are delighted that we are once again producing the annual Easter Play on March 30th, 2024 at 2 pm. This year’s script is a new one, focusing on the women who were part of Jesus’ life. A traditional version, but with a new script!

We will also be integrating BSL into this production and looking to make the production more accessible.

Mark the dates in your diaries!

2023 Easter Play Photo Credit

For more information about previous versions of the play, visit our The story so far page.

Watch the 2022 Easter Play here

Appeal for Donations

We are ever grateful for your donations so far. As costs continue to rise, we welcome your generous contributions: please spread the word or donate here.

£10 could go towards the cost of costumes
£25 could support our access provision project
£50 could contribute to the hiring of technical equipment
£100+ could help us meet the costs of hiring a professional actor in the role of Jesus

  • Use our Stewardship account to make a one-off donation or become a regular supporter. Note: Stewardship will invite you to create an account. If you’d rather not do this, simply select the option “Continue as guest”.
  • If you would rather make a direct payment, send us an email at or call us on 0131 652 0968.

Join our ‘Lost Supper’ appeal: you could donate the cost of a coffee or an evening meal to support our project. This website gets about 5000 viewers per year. If most viewers donated the cost of a coffee, we would be able to cover the entire cost of an entire production. Would it not be great to have 5,000 “feed” our production?

Thank you!


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