Who we are

Formerly organised by Princes Street Easter Play Trust, the Edinburgh Easter Play is now managed by Cutting Edge Theatre, a Christian charity.

Our Aims

  • to produce a play that commemorates Easter from a Christian perspective
  • to stage a community play that is easily accessible and free of charge to citizens of Edinburgh and visitors to the city, whatever their belief or none
  • to assist church unity by creating a forum for Christians from all denominations to join together in the production and participation of the event

Cutting Edge Theatre has public and financial liability for the project, and it is through this body that the project gains charity status. The practicalities of creating and staging the Easter Play are looked after by a Steering Group, currently made up of 8 people with appropriate skills in Edinburgh. The Steering Group meets monthly and is the main decision-making body for this event.

The play is created by a team of community performers drawn from all walks of life. The project is made possible by a large team of volunteers working behind the scenes, drawn from all church backgrounds and none. All sort of gifts and skills will be utilised: scriptwriting, IT, cross design & construction, costume co-ordination, legal advice, floral art, and many more. For more information on joining the team, click here.

Director – Suzanne Lofthus

The Easter Play is directed by Suzanne Lofthus, the artistic director of Cutting Edge Theatre Company, which has been in existence for over 25 years and specialises in community theatre and working with marginalised groups across the country. The company works with people of different abilities through their INSPIRE project.

Suzanne has directed the annual open-air passion play in Princes Street Gardens since it launched in 2005. She has also directed passion plays in prison, including Opera Prison, Milan, Belo Horizonte in Brazil and Angola Prison in Louisiana.

Suzanne has written a number of plays including Downs With Love (which toured successfully in 2019), Mary, the Last Farewell (about Mary Queen of Scots and Elizabeth I) and has written and directed several musicals with Ian Hammond Brown, including Blude Red, Eleven and Fling!, which was shortlisted in the Highland Quest competition in 2006.

Currently, Suzanne is producing the large scale community production The Edinburgh Passion for 2022 as well as developing a number of new productions around issues connected with disability.

Jesus – Calum Barbour

Calum is an Edinburgh based actor, who performed in the role of Mark in Cutting Edge Theatre’s ‘Downs with Love’.

He appeared as Mother Superior in the award-winning production of Trainspotting Live.  “Calum’s versatility is incredible” – Edinburgh Guide. 

He made his television debut in the Starz series Outlander portraying the character of Garrick,and has continued to work in TV and short films since.

Calum was very honoured to perform in the late Simon Fildes’ final film Do you mind can I ask what happened (to your Legs?) for which he won the award for Best Actor at SFAAF.

Supporting Churches and Organisations

The Easter Play is supported by the donations of trusts, churches, organisations and individuals. We particularly acknowledge the support of

  • Miss M E Swinton Paterson’s Charitable Trust
  • Gorgie Dalry Stenhouse Church of Scotland
  • St Catherine’s Argyle Church of Scotland
  • Craiglockhart Parish Church